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Item No.:   1211 Unit Price:   24.95  USD  EA
Weight:   14oz Dimensions:   12in X 9in X 6in

Rebecca, Isaac, Abraham, and the Servant

This doll is a four sided reversible story doll. On one side is Rebecca with the twins Jacob and Esau, and Isaac, and when you flip it over, you have Abraham and the servant Eliezer. The story of Rebecca is one of character: great warmth and hospitality, sensitivity, and generosity to others. Note that faces and hands are not molded from plastic or rubber. Rather, they were meticulously sculpted using fabric and thread.

Rebecca, the twins and Isaac Abraham and the servant Eliezer

Rebecca, Isaac, Abraham, and the Servant

In Gen. 24:1 we read that Abraham was now old and well advanced in years and the Lord had blessed him in every way. Sarah had died and Abraham had buried her in Hebron (Gen. 23) so he sent the chief servant in his household to the home of his relatives to choose a wife for Isaac, traditionally a mother's privilege. Abraham instructed him that he was not to get Isaac a bride from the Canaanites, nor was he to take Isaac back to his homeland. If the woman he chose refused to come, then the servant was released from his duty (Gen. 24:1-9).

The servant packed 10 camels with gifts and set out for the town of Nahor, Abraham's brother. On the way he devised a plan that he asked the Lord to bless as he was arriving at the well outside town. The deal was that if he asked a girl for a drink and she offered to help water his camels as well, she would be the one the Lord had selected for Isaac. Now drawing enough water for 10 camels is no small task so this would be a real sign. Before he had finished praying, Rebekah came along and when he asked her for a drink she agreed and offered to water his camels as well. The servant confirmed that she was from the family of Nahor (she was his grand daughter) gave her a gift, and asked to spend the night with them

Upon arriving at her family home, the servant told his story and formally asked for Rebekah on behalf of Isaac. They gave their permission but when the servant insisted that they leave immediately said the final decision was hers. With out hesitation she agreed to go and they set off (Gen. 24:10-61).

Isaac had come in from the desert to Beer Lahai Roi one evening and as he looked up in the distance he saw them coming and went out to meet them. Rebekah spotted him and asked the servant who he was. "He is my master," the servant replied so she covered herself with a veil as was the custom. Isaac brought her into the tent of his mother Sarah and married her and she brought comfort to Isaac after his mother's death. (Gen. 24:62-67)